Project Description

Cachopo de lomo relleno de setas y queso

Pork loin Cachopo stuffed with mushroom and cheese

for 4 people

8 fillets of oven-cooked pork loin
• 8 slices of soft cheese
• 150 grams of varied mushrooms
• 2 Eggs
• Breadcrumbs
• Powdered garlic
• 8 Piquillo peppers (optional)

We spice up the pork loin and place a slice of cheese over each piece, add the mushroom (previously sautéed at medium temperature with a bit of powdered garlic) and cover with a second slice of cheese, enclosing the entire thing with another piece of pork loin. Optionally, we could add to the piquillo pepper or place on top when served.
Once the filling has been prepared, we tighten a bit so as to make all ingredients compact, and secure all components by placing toothpicks; we now coat with breadcrumbs by, first passing the cachopo though the bread crumbs and then through the egg and back through the bread crumbs; proceed to fry each piece on olive oil at medium temperature during 3-4 minutes on each side so that the end result is a golden color and medium cooked meat.

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