Project Description

Chickpea stew

for 4 people

1 Stew Kit (300 grams size)
• Chickpea (300 grams and left to soak in water the night before)
• 3 Carrots
• 2 Leek
• 4 Small potatoes
• Cabbage and noodles

Cook cocido kit in a pot with plenty of water, leaving out the chorizo and the morcilla, which are cooked separately. When it begins to boil and foam, add the garbanzo beans, cover and allow to cook for about an hour until these become a bit tender, then add the carrots and the leek and allow to cook for an additional 30 minutes. In a separate casserole, cook the cabbage and potatoes, cut in halves once cooked and removed from casserole; in the same water, cook the chorizo and the morcilla during an additional 30 minutes. Immediately, we separate the broth from the garbanzo beans in order to make a noodle soup.
The first thing we will do is serve the noddle soup, second, serve the cabbage with the remaining vegetables, and lastly, serve the meats with the bacon, morcilla and chorizo that were to be sliced.

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