Project Description

Morcilla and Apple Crisps

for 4 people

250 grams of morcilla
• 1 Large apple
• 1 Spoonful of caramelized onion
• 8 Fine sheets of brick pastry
• Olive oil
• 1 Vanilla twig

We cut the apples and, with a bit of oil, fry them at low temperature during 4 minutes. Now, and with very little oil, we sauté the crumbled and skinless morcilla together with the caramelized onion and the vanilla twig; when it’s ready, we allow the grease to drain and proceed to mix it with the apple pieces.
Stretch out a leaf of brick pasta dough and cover it with the filling; now, wrap to your taste and close it, applying painting it with the liquid remaining from the filling. Lastly, we bake at 190 C until golden.

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