The Company

El Chico is a company with more than 60 years experience in the processing and preparation activities of the meat industry. Able to conjoin tradition and experience with the latest technology and innovation. In this way, the development of new products and constant improvements of current offerings mark one of the chief objectives of our company.

Has its own facilities located right in the heart of Asturias (Noreña – El Berrón). In recent years, El Chico has made significant investments geared towards the optimization of the processing of its products, and has focused its latest projects on the elimination of gluten and dairy byproducts, along with the reduction of sodium content in its entire product line.

Our principal asset is the end consumer, and for this reason EL CHICO is available in the majority of national and regional distribution chains, in addition to local distributors that guarantee our products are always very close to our clients. Throughout its years of existence, EL CHICO has shown its ability to adapt to the needs of its costumers, by offering a wide array of products, through continuous innovation, and by tailoring its formats, sizes, weights, etc.

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El Chico adheres to the “Chorizo y Morcilla Asturianos”, seal of Quality which guarantees the origin and quality of these traditional products. 


In 2014 EL CHICO obtained accreditation of the Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000, further guaranteeing in this way the processing of its entire product line.

In keeping with recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), EL CHICO works towards the reduction of sodium and offers its clients products that gluten-free, and dairy-free.
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Why El Chico?

  • Tradition and experience combined with the latest technology and innovation.

  • Development of new products and improvement of existing ones, in order to best adapt to the needs of our clients (Size, weight, packaging, …)

  • El Chico has your health in mind. By offering products that are gluten-free, and without dairy byproducts.

  • Reliability and trust. Our service and ample offering is praised by the chief distribution chains operating throughout Spain.

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