Project Description

receta lentejas guisadas

Lentil stew

for 4 people

1 Cocido kit (380 grams)
• Lentils (300 grams and left to soak in water the night before)
• 1 Onion + 1 Carrot
• Leek
• Laurel leaf
• 1 Spoonful of sweet pepper
• 1 Splash of olive oil

In a sizable casserole, add the whole cloves of garlic, dice the onion, the carrot, the leek, and then add to the casserole, along with the drained lentils, the contents of this kit, the laurel, the sweet pepper and a dash of oil.
Cover with water a cook at high temperature; once it starts to boil, allow to cook for an additional hour at medium temperature.

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