Project Description

receta cazuela huevos rotos

Crushed eggs and pinchitos casserole

for 4 people

14 Pinchitos
• 8 Hen eggs
• 4 Medium-sized potatoes
• Olive oil
• Salt

We peel and slice the potatoes. On a frying pan with oil, we fry the potatoes at medium temperature, so they become soft and golden; when ready, remove them from frying pan. On the same frying pan, fry the egg and, following a few minutes, remove them. We withdraw nearly all the oil from the frying pan, and quickly sauté the sliced pinchitos.
Now we ready our clay casserole or frying pan. First, we introduce the potatoes, seasoned to the taste. Second, we add the golden chorizo slices, and finally, the eggs along with a bit of salt.

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