Project Description

fabada asturiana

Fabada Asturiana

for 4 people

2 Fabada kits (250 grams each)
• 300 grams of white beans (left to soak in water the night before)
• 1 Onion
• 1 Garlic clove
• Saffron
• Salt
• Olive oil

Place the white beans to soak in water the night before in a casserole with cold water, which should cover all the beans by about two horizontal fingers. When these start to boil, we lower the heat source to a minimum and add a garlic clove and an onion, whole and peeled (we will remove these at the end); now, we add the contents of the packet, poking a few holes on the chorizo and the morcilla with a fork, so as to avoid bursting.
We cover the pot and, from time to time, stir without tossing the white beans too much, so these do not break, and adding half a cup of water as needed so that the fabada always has enough broth. We toast the saffron and add it to the broth. After 2 1/2 or 3 hours of simmering, we add salt to taste allow to cool off.

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